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Beauregard Fiegel


Beauregard Fiegel of San Antonio, TX, is a partner attorney with Kell, Quilty, & Fiegel, PLLC, with nearly ten years of law experience. He has worked specifically in family law since becoming a solo practitioner in 2013, making him well-versed in the expectations and legal matters pertaining to family law. As someone in this field of practice, Beauregard advocates for his clients and their children using his knowledge, hard work, and dedication.

About Beauregard Fiegel

Prior to becoming involved in law, Beauregard Fiegel attended Louisiana State University for two degrees: a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He initially attended school expecting to go into the ministry, but he discovered his passion and love for the law along the way. Once he discovered this and graduated from Louisiana State University in 2007, Beauregard applied to and was accepted into St. Mary’s School of Law. He graduated from the university in 2010 with his Juris Doctorate, and three years later, Beauregard Fiegel became certified to practice law in the state of Texas.

Despite having graduated over ten years ago, Beauregard Fiegel is still passionate about Louisiana State University and continues to be a huge fan of the programs there. He is a major fan of the university’s sports programs, and his entire family wears purple and gold every weekend while watching LSU games. A majority of Beauregard’s family still lives in South Louisiana, so he and his family visit them whenever they can. 

After becoming certified with the State Bar of Texas in 2013, Beauregard Fiegel began his solo practice: the Law Office of Beauregard Fiegel. He was a solo practitioner who handled both criminal and family cases for five years; during these five years, Beauregard discovered his passion for family law specifically. He continued to handle cases related to family law, criminal law, civil litigation, and probate as an attorney for the Law Office of George C. Ruiz, PLLC, but Beauregard once more put emphasis on family law. Now, as a partner attorney with Kell, Quilty, & Fiegel, PLLC, he is a senior partner who handles complex family law cases. 

Beauregard Fiegel has handled hundreds of family law cases that deal with the entirety of the Family Code. Using both his own self-taught skills and the advice given to him by his peers, Beauregard has handled child support cases, custody, divorce (both with and without children), protective orders, Child Protective Services cases, original cases, and modifications. He works to maintain a professional relationship with the Courts and opposing counsels, but Beauregard is not afraid to “tee up cases” and take them to trial if need be. He takes pride in being well-prepared for his cases, as he believes that the hard work he puts into each client case is worth more than the number of cases he takes on. Beauregard Fiegel treats each client case as if the lives of the client and the reputation of his business depend on it—because they do.

With each case, Beauregard Fiegel ensures that he is not judgmental of his clients or their situations because each person is entitled to fierce and aggressive representation. He actively ensures that he’s available to clients so that there is never a communication issue between them and himself. Beauregard Fiegel loves what he does for a living and enjoys advocating for his clients in the court of law.

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