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Sports are very popular around the world, and America is no exception. In the United States, sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and hockey are considered to be the most popular. These sports actually have a significant impact on the culture in America. Read on to learn about how sports impact American culture.

The Popularity of Sports

As you might expect, the popularity of sports has an impact on the culture in America. If you look at the popularity of football, it’s easy to understand why so many people in America talk about it so much. 

American football has become the most popular sport in the country, and football itself has become part of the national identity of America. Baseball was considered America’s favorite sport in the past, and it still has significant ties to the culture of the country.

Athletes Are Celebrities

Professional athletes aren’t just players competing in their sports. They’re celebrities who wind up influencing the nation in various ways. Think about how much the popularity and celebrity of Michael Jordan have impacted the culture in America. Jordan’s iconic image and the shoes that bear his name have impacted cultures around the world.

Celebrities influence fashion trends, and many of them star in commercials promoting everything from sub sandwiches to car insurance.

Sports Reflect Society

You should also think about the fact that sports reflect society in many ways. Society dictates that people must compete against each other in various ways. You work alongside others as well, but you’re competing to earn raises at your job and to find success in other avenues of life. The competition in sports and the willpower that athletes showcase will sometimes remind people of their own struggles to overcome various hurdles in life.


People still consider sports to be among the best forms of entertainment. If you look at the rating charts for television in America, you’ll see that sports games and news broadcasts are regularly at the top of the chart. Americans tune in to watch their favorite teams play regularly. It would be hard to imagine American culture without sports as entertainment.