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Team captains are very important parts of any team. You need to have leaders that can help to set an example for the other athletes. If you’re debating on who should be a team captain this year, then you might want to keep reading. You’ll be able to look at the qualities that a great team captain should possess.


Confidence is an important part of being a team captain. Just remember that confidence is different from arrogance. Team captains should be confident in themselves and the team’s ability to overcome challenges. You want your team captains to be confident individuals who will help to increase the confidence levels of others on the team.

A Positive Mindset

Positive thinking is something that helps you to succeed in life. Team captains need to remain positive so that they can motivate the team to keep pushing. Someone who starts thinking negatively when the chips are down won’t be well suited for a team captain role. Try to pick someone for the team captain spot who is positive enough to help everyone else think positively, too.

Passion for the Sport

Some of the best team captains are those who are truly passionate about the sport. You don’t always have to pick the star player to be the team captain. Sometimes it makes sense to pick the person who is the most dedicated and passionate about the game. Their passion can transfer to other people, and they’ll always work hard to do what they need to do for the team.

Communication Skills

It’s going to be tough to be a team captain if you can’t communicate with others well. If you can pick a team captain who has strong communication skills, then it’ll benefit the team. Team captains should be able to communicate clearly, and they should also know when to listen to their teammates. Remember that communication goes both ways, and you don’t want someone who is only good at barking orders.


Another important quality is responsibility. A great team captain will be ready to take responsibility. They’ll step up to the plate for the team when necessary, and they’ll be ready to admit it if they make a mistake. Responsible individuals won’t complain, but they will seek to do better and keep making progress.